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Execellent Web Development Services

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Mordern Hosting Packages to suit your every need.

All our hosting packages are run on the Hespia Control Panel.
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Robust Mobile Application Development

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"Nothing is more creative...nor destructive...than a brilliant mind with a purpose." - Dan Brown, Inferno


  • Web Development
    We build web apps, websites, APIs, anything web. :)
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  • Intelligent Systems
    Smart systems that give you insight and optimize your operations, we can hook you up.
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  • Mobile App Development
    Custom built Android and iOS apps, just for you.
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  • Search Engine Optimization
    Get to the top of the search results with Fenix Tech SEO.
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  • Graphic Design
    Need a logo? Business card? Flyer? We got you!
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  • Consultation
    Let Fenix Tech share its experience, intellect and insight with you.
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  • Domain Registration & Hosting
    Fenix Tech offers multiple web hosting packages, and domain services of all kind.
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Years of experience
Fenix Tech gets better with age...like fine wine.

Our Process

Every great project begins with a great plan.
Every awesome plan needs awesome execution.
Integration into existing systems and setups is key for project success and relevance.
Time to enjoy.

About Fenix Tech

Fenix Tech

We are problem solvers

For years Fenix Tech, formerly known as Kay’s Web Development Services, has played a vital role in shaping the information technology landscape within its reach. Fenix, because our company obtained new and invigorating life from its predecessor. Today, Fenix Tech is part of the region’s technological fabric...
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